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If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to post it to your site or blog and forward this link to your friends. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and very warm water. Before engaging in cooking classes for kids, go over the basics and make sure they understand the importance of safety. If you want to know what to watch out for read on. Sharp Objects Knives are necessary tools when you re working in the kitchen. However, if they are not handled and cared for properly, they can become very dangerous. If you respect sharp tools and handle them properly, they will help you get the job done without any casualties. It is important to know how to handle foods properly to avoid the spreading of bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. When washing and drying knives, be sure to keep the cutting edge away from your hands.


Keep in mind carelessness can cause severe injury. The kitchen can potentially be a dangerous place. Knives are not the only sharp things found in the kitchen. Plenty of caution is number one when using the stove, oven, or microwave. Burning There are many hazards in the kitchen that are caused by hot things. To avoid contaminating other food, it is important to also wash counter tops well with anti bacterial spray, as well as chopping boards, knives, and any other utensils that raw meat touches. There are some considerations to take into account to make it a safe environment. Have a great day! . Otherwise the knife can slip and cut you. Also, put them away in the proper area when you are finished using them.The kitchen is a great place to let your imagination run wild and have fun. More so if you are cooking with your kids.


Stay safe by practicing good kitchen safety. Invisible Danger: Bacteria The presence of dangerous bacteria could make someone sick. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and make sure it is working properly. To keep the knife from slipping in your hand, keep knives clean, including the handle. When frying foods, remember to use a splatter screen. After touching raw meat, poultry or fish you should be extremely careful and wash your hands thoroughly. Make safety your number one priority. Either of these are handy to smother a small grease fire. Your hands can spread bacteria and get into the food that you are preparing.


When using a knife, always cut away from your body. Beware and be careful with the following objects as well: scissors, blades of a blender and mixer (these appliances should be unplugged before touching the blades), can openers, broken glass (including chipped dishes), and potato peeler. Meat can contain deadly bacteria called e coli. With microwaves, always use microwave safe cookware. Though we must keep in mind their safety always comes first. So, there are a few things you have to take into account before you start creating all kinds of mouth watering goodies. Always use oven mitts or hot pads when picking up things that are hot. This will ensure that the food you prepare won t make you, or anyone mini blender else that eats it, ill. If a fire extinguisher is not available, keep a container of baking soda or salt nearby when cooking. Keep pot handles pointed to the back of the stove to avoid bumping a handle and getting splashed with hot liquid